This module aims to explain how mental health issues, behaviours of concern and intellectual disability are related to one another.

Target audience

This module aims to provide information to individuals working with people with an intellectual disability, who want to increase their understanding of the experience of mental health problems for people with an intellectual disability.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, you should be able to: 1. Understand and be able to describe the concept of intellectual disability. 2. Appreciate the diversity of causes that may underlie intellectual disability. 3. Understand the terms used to describe the mental health problems and behaviours of concern that may be seen in some people with intellectual disability. 4. Understand and describe how mental health problems and behaviours of concern may be related to one another. 5. Describe why people with an intellectual disability may be vulnerable to developing mental health problems


Completing this entire module (including suggested reading and activities) may take up to three hours. The module is broken into sections for you to complete at your own pace.
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Module 1 - Introduction to Mental Health Problems in People with a Dual Disability