Module 3 - Assessment of Mental Health for People with an Intellectual Disability


The module aims to explain how mental health problems, behaviour problems and the interactions of these with neurodevelopmental issues can be assessed in people with intellectual disability.

Target audience

The module aims to provide information to individuals working with people with an intellectual disability, who want to increase their understanding of how to support people who have both intellectual disability and mental health problems.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, you should be able to: 1. Have a understanding of how mental disorders are classified. 2. Understand the assessment approach used by mental health services. 3. Have an understanding of symptoms and signs of mental ill-health. 4. Appreciate the difficulties in assessing people with an intellectual disability and mental health problems.


Completing this entire module may take up to three hours. The module is broken into sections for you to complete at your own pace.
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